The bad disease is the 11th episode of Maxie and Friends.

Story Edit

Maxie is trying to check her heart rate, but a kid encourages her that she will be okay. A kid flies in too. Maxie ignores them, and continues. Another kid, another kid, and all looped for a few minutes. Maxie gives out a block in their way, however, then starts killing one by one kid. After hours of killings, that all was over. However, that was how the disease started. Maxie started to choke, but that woke up Mickey and Jolly. Mickey asks Maxie if she is okay, Maxie stops choking and says:

"(long sigh) I am okay, Mickey. I declare that i am still okay, but i just coughed too much."

Maxie is absent from half of the episode.

Mickey says: "Hey man, bring her the fuck over. (scream)" Foxcot says: "What happened?" Mickey replies: "I saw a giant dancing ghost in the sewers." Foxcot says: "What the fuck is wrong with you? Ghosts don't dance!" Maxie is seen leaning next to the "DANCE!" poster.


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