Greeting Edit

Welcome to the Wiki Rules! Go here before your first contribution to the wiki. Here, you may make all you want, just to not feature swear words :D


Follow the rules and you won't get fucked.

Or you may get fucked :D

Message Wall rules Edit

  1. No Minimodding.
  2. No saying the word FUCK on somebody's wall. This is highly abusive to say.
  3. Please do not fuck somebody. 
  4. No impersonating The Barfing Poop on somebody's wall.
  5. No warnings if you aren't a admin.
  6. No creating greetings on message walls if you are not a admin, only admins can. And also, special users may create.

Personal Info rulesEdit

  1. If you are underage, you will be blocked until 13th birthday, because of Coppa.
  2. Do not act like The Barfing Poop, because it will count like saying another user has cancer or something like that.
  3. Do not say "The Barfing Poop", because if someone asks you your name, they will know you are The Barfing Poop.
  4. Do not have "FUCK" in your username.

Block StagesEdit

  1. Warning
  2. 3 days
  3. 5 days
  4. 1 week
  5. 2 weeks
  6. 1 month
  7. 6 months
  8. 1 year
  9. Forever

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