Maxie And the Idiots is the 12th episode of the Maxie and Friends series.

Story Edit

Maxie was feeling bad, but the killers couldn't make it as they have created a child killing robot to mis-entertain children. Maxie returns from her problematic WC stay to help John destroy the robot. However, the robot was trashed and later rebuilt to be a entertaining robot with the same design. The robot was then used for a pizzeria.

However, then the robots start to encourage Maxie. Later, a kid returns and sees Maxie sitting sadly on a seat. The kid flies up to her, and asks her why is she still there, and angrily encourages her to go home. Maxie refuses, bites the kid, killing him. Maxie starts to have panic attacks as the kids keep encouraging her to go home, making her fully worried and sad. However, she facepalms, and then another kid comes, saying "Maxie, i am sorry for salvaging you. I accept my fate and really want to ignore my death being announced. If you want me dead, then okay, i will commit suicide so you can get rid of me." Then, Maxie chokes the kid to death, and throws it into the alley.

Will Maxie find her needs and encourage the kids to commit suicide?

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